M I N I A  D.

Born in Saigon in 1977, raised in France, Minia is a self-taught artist. After studying the Market of Art in Paris, she felt the call to consciously pursue her own journey as an artist. She began with Photography, traveling between Europe, Asia and the USA, while practicing different methods of self development extensively to deepen her research in wellness and personal growth.

For Minia, painting is an attempt to get in touch with the alchemy and energies of change and healing processes. She has been working mainly with acrylic and mix media on canvas. Following her intuition, Minia's art is raw, spontaneous, and instinctive - a quest for harmony and balance. The colors and strokes movement translate the vibrancy of Life's impermanence. The inspired viewer is often left in a meditative garden of new perceptions. 


Most of her previous collections have been produced in San Francisco where she was a SFWA (San Francisco Women Artists) member.

Minia looks at every opportunity to expand her consciousness, evolve and connect. She believes that one can experience more freedom of health, mind, spirit, by bringing more awareness within one's life. Enriched, by all her personal and professional experiences, she has developed her own "Healing Arts".  


Minia is currently based in Miami Beach and travels back and forth between Europe and the USA. When not painting, Minia is also a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, avid solo traveler and urban organic gardener.

        A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

" Following our intuition and the unknown is an Art, that's what I'm trying to translate on the canvas. I consider my life as a beautiful raw healing piece of Art and that everything is interconnected. Every choice made towards change for personal growth, have helped me in finding my own unique way to connect, process my art and paintings.


I trust the processus like we choose to have faith in Life, God, the Universe or our higher selves. It is in hindsight that we are able to connect the dots. It's when the experiences are digested that we see the whole picture and start to harvest the hidden gifts. It's trusting that through an apparent chaos there is a coherence that serves a bigger plan.

Through this Intuitive and Healing form of Art, it's the attempt to express a whole other invisible reality that is felt and wants to be seen.




            MINIA DANG VU