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M I N I A  D.

Minia D. (b.1977 in Saigon, Vietnam, and raised in France) is a self-taught intuitive artist who primarily works with acrylic paintings on canvas and photography. Most of her past collections were produced in San Francisco, Paris and while traveling India. She has been based in Miami Beach since 2020. 


Her art and her practice of Chi Nei Tsang, a holistic approach to the healing touch, developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in ancient China, are intricately intertwined. " I try to paint the transformative energies and alchemy that occurs through physical-emotional healing, as we grow in consciousness. My work often refers to the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood), mysticism, love, hope, and the freedom of peeling off constrictive layers of our human conditioning to discover new ways of breathing into life."


Minia's intuitive process involves multiple layers of paint, allowing her inner guidance, or “the otherness”, to call for colors choices, brush stroke rhythms, and overall composition, until a feeling of internal balance and harmony is reached. These layers build upon each other, are similar to the cumulative, energetically charged experiences and constant shifting states of mind. Her attempt to paint energies in motion translates the vibrancy of life's impermanence, often leaving the viewer in a meditative garden of new perceptions.


"Besides painting and photography, I grow organic foods, travel, and learn foreign languages whenever possible. Feeling Mother Nature's beauty, is essential for inspiration. Whether it is through painting or any other activities in life, I like the idea of always conspiring with the universe, and creativity is the doorway to it."


A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T

" Following our intuition and the unknown is an Art. I believe that everything is interconnected. Every choice made towards change for personal growth, has helped in finding my own unique way to connect with my art.


I trust the process like we choose to have faith in Life, God, the Universe, or our higher selves. It is in hindsight that we are able to connect the dots - when the experiences are digested, we see the whole picture and start harvesting the hidden gifts. Trusting that through apparent chaos there is a coherence that serves a bigger plan.

Through this intuitive and healing form of art, it's the attempt to express a whole other invisible reality that is felt and wants to be seen.

Minia D."


            MINIA D.


2024 : March - Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.


2023 : September - Affordable Art Fair NYC at the Metropolitan Pavillon. 


2023 : February - Superfine Miami at the Ice Palace Film Studios. 


2023/24 : Dec-April 2024 - Bunnies § Beyond. Manolis Project Gallery, Miami.

2022 : December - Miami Art Week. 

2019 : January - World of Abstractions. SFWA Gallery, San Francisco.

2019 : March - Celebrating Women. SFWA Gallery, San Francisco.

2019 : Gallery Du 808 Spring Magazine, Bristol, UK.    


2014 - Present : Intuitive Painter. San Francisco /Paris /India /Miami

2007 - 2021 : Continuing Education in Holistic Modalities. France / USA

2004 - 2005 : SPEOS Photography School Paris + Internship at GAMMA Agency, Paris


2002 - 2004 : EXPERTIS - EAC  Paris + Internship at Cabinet Portier (Asian  Art), Paris

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