M I N I A  D.



Born in Saigon and raised in Paris, Minia is looking at every experience as an opportunity to expand her consciousness, evolve and connect. 


Painting is one way for her to get more in touch with the language of the soul, especially the alchemy that happens through the energies of change and healing processes. ​She believes that one can experience more freedom of health, mind, spirit by bringing more awareness and presence within one's life. 

Minia started painting at an early age using oil and acrylic when she got older. She bought her very first Minolta camera at 19 years old and felt in love with photography. Once she received her Bachelor's degree in 2004 from EAC Group, a Business School of Arts, Culture and Luxury, she attended SPEOS, the International Photography School in Paris. She spent the following years traveling between Europe, Asia and the Usa with her camera.


In the meantime, her thirst for a better lifestyle and personal growth led her to study Holistic Naturopathy, Chi Nei Tsang, Conscious Breathing, Eating Psychology, Chi-Kung and meditations. Enriched by all her personal and professional experiences, Minia has developed, her own "Healing Arts". She currently lives in San Francisco where most of her painting collections have been produced. When Minia is not painting, she is giving Chi Nei tsang treatments and urban organic gardening!


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            MINIA DANG VU

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

" I believe that our whole life is a beautiful piece of Art and everything is interconnected. Every choice made towards change for personal growth, have helped me in finding my own unique way to connect and process my art and paintings.


I trust the process like we choose to have faith in Life, God, the Universe or our higher selves. It is in hindsight that we are able to connect the dots. It's when the experiences are digested that we see the whole picture and start to harvest the hidden gifts. It's trusting that through an apparent chaos there is a coherence that serves a bigger plan.

Through this Intuitive and Healing form of Art, it's the attempt to express a whole other reality that is felt more than seen. I look upon the divine light and believe in the magic, the pure grace, that inhabits every one of us, no matter how far and deep we have to go to find it. My intention is to share and inspire.